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About ME
My name is Sapir and I'm a high school sophomore. I am and have always been an avid reader. My favorite activity is, definitely, reading. I like to read anything and everything and I get all excited when I get new books!! When I don't read, I also enjoy to play the piano and the guitar, sing and blog.


About the Blog
I started this blog on December 29th 2012.
I've opened this blog as a place to share my obsession with books. I really hope to find here other people who like reading books too.

If you were wondering, he blog's name, Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl, is a take on the title of the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This book is a favourite of mine and  I always reread it when I need something to cheer me up.


I really appreciate all of your comments and follows!!

Review Policy:
I will be more than happy to receive books for review and to join blog tours.
I accept YA or NA EBOOKS only. I prefer a .mobi file but .pdf would be fine too.

Genres I accept:
1. Contemporary romance (my favorite!)
2. Dystopia / post apocalyptic / science fiction
3. Paranormal romance
4. Horror
5. Thrillers
6. Urban Fantasy
7. Historical Fiction (not always)

I am not likely to accept:
1. High fantasy
2. Non-fiction
3. Series with more than 3 books.
4. Middle grade or adult books.

Feel free to contact me! I promise a review for every book I accept.

Contact Me:
Email: WimpyTeenGirl@gmail.com

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