Saturday, June 29, 2013

Book Review: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)
Shatter Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi
Genre: YA dystopian, romance.
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: November 15th 2011

"You can't touch me," I whisper.

I'm lying, is what I don't tell him.

He can touch me, is what I'll never tell him.

But things happen when people touch me.

Strange things.

Bad things.

No one knows why Juliette's touch is fatal, but The Reestablishment has plans for her. Plans to use her as a weapon.

But Juliette has plans of her own.

After a lifetime without freedom, she's finally discovering a strength to fight back for the very first time—and to find a future with the one boy she thought she'd lost forever.

When I saw this cover and read the synopsis of this book, I was sure this book is going to be like Divergent - something about a strong girl living in the distant future and a lot of brutal fights. I have nothing against this type of books, I actually enjoy them a lot, but recently I got a bit tired of all these action novels.  I'm more of a romance girl. There's nothing I like better than a good, heart-warming love story.

That's why I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this book was actually romantic. The author has managed to write a dytopian novel in which the romance and the emotions between the two main characters are the main subject. That made me think about the whole genre of dystopia.
I wonder who has decided that a dystopian novel has to be action-packed and nothing more than that? Who says it can't be romantic? Tear-jerking? Filled with love and hatred and all kind of flaring emotions? Who says it can't break your heart into pieces and then glue them together?

From these questions you can probably understand what made this book so great. I couldn't put it down from the very first page. I was sucked into Juliette's world - I saw everything through her eyes. I felt her despair, her terrible childhood memories, her pains and mental scars. The writing style of this book was very unusual, with a lot of repeated words and confused thoughts just scattered on the pages, but it was just perfect for this specific story. I love how I could get a glimpse of what was actually going through Juliette's mind, along with her confusion and thoughts she tired repress.

She acted like a real teenage girl when she met Adam. She recognized Adam as a threat at the beginning, but like a real teenage girl near her crush, she slowly fell for him. He, from his side, made her feel comfortable and loved near him until she let him see her real self. With the help of him, Juliette transformed from a closed up, untrusting, afraid-of-her-own-powers girl, to a strong, self-confident women. The character development of her was amazing and that's why she was a great main character.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy romantic, emotional stories. This is not the action-packed novel you might expect, and it might not be for everyone, but personally I just loved almost everything about it except for some minor plot issues. I am sure the next book will be even better because of the ending that left me dying for more. Tahereh Mafi is an extremely talented author and I can understand all the hype around her books.

  • Unique, beautiful writing.
  • Great character development.
  • A different, new kind of dystopian novels.
  • A lot of romance and emotions involved.
  • The plot was a bit dragging at some points, but other then that nothing major.



  1. If you love emotion you are going to love this series -- sometimes I feel like Juliette is just too emotional. Can't wait to see what you think of the second book -- and read the novella!! I'm not always a fan of those but in this case it's a must...

    1. I've already started book two! I'm in chapter 7, and it's a very quick read so I hope the review of it will be up in a few days!! I usually skip the novellas... but a lot of people say that it's a must this time so I might read it after I finish with Unravel Me.

  2. I remember reading this one a while back! I do have to agree that at some parts the plot dragged, but Mafi's beautiful writing totally distracts you from that. Unravel Me is in my TBR pile and I can't wait to start reading that one! Glad you liked this one!

    1. Thanks Roxy!! I agree with you about the writing. It was so good that it made up for all the minor plot issues. If I wasn't reading like a reviewer I wouldn't even notice them...

  3. Wow! Everyone seemed to comment more on the writing style than the actually plot so it's very refreshing that you explained about that! I don't usually like the romance taken as the main thing unless it's contemporary, which, is good for any summer day. ;D So I think this might not be for me, but I enjoyed reading your review, Sapir! ^^

    1. I understand what you say!! Not every book is for everyone, so if you don't like books that are focused on romance than you're very likely to find this book okay.

      Thanks!!! I really enjoy reading your comment <3

  4. Great Review! My friend loved this one and it waiting on my shelve, so I'm quite excited now :) I love that the main character grows and from what I've read so far, I like the way it's written.

    1. I hope you'll enjoy it!! The writing is pretty surprising at the beginning. I see why you got impressed by it right on the beginning!

  5. Brilliant review, I loved Shatter Me it was amazing.

    Here's my review on Shatter me:

  6. Eeeh... I haven't read this but from reviews and quotes I found the writing a bit weird and different...I'm glad you liked this though! When I try this someday, I hope I can read it with open mind :)

    1. I really hope you do!! I've read all those not-so-good reviews but I have to disagree with them. You really should read it with open mind :)

  7. Great review, I've been debating about reading this book for a while but think I might have to grab a copy! :)

    1. Thanks!! Do it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)